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Your home in an App in just 24 hours:
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Security + Confort + Efficiency

Control your home from anywhere

Stay informed of everything that happens in your Smart Home from anywhere by simply open your SmartPhone. Turn off Air Conditioning or the lights even if you are not at home. Now, you have the control of what matters most.

In 24 hours and without works

We turn your house into a Smart Home in less than a day and without having to do works, so you can enjoy the best technology in your home

Save without doing anything

Achieve greater energy efficiency, optimize your consumption automatically and spend less money with Alfred Home

Secure what matters most

We are here to help you.

On-board Home Computer

Take care of your home

The Alfred Home controller creates a safer and more efficient home. It will help you on a daily basis and will inform you of any mishap. Compatible with all homes!

Our technology helps to create a safer and better houses for the environment

+ 400
Houses enjoying
Alfred Home
Energy Savings
Plug &
All in
99% compatible
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We take care of everything

Your Alfred Home

It take less than 24 hours to turn your home a Smart Home and for less than you think.

Custom techonology for each house

We are experts in the design and creation of all kinds of projects. Hotels, apartments, offices or even retail spaces.

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