Improve Your Home With
Alfred Home!

- Without works
- In less than 24 hours
- Keys in hand
- Your whole home in one App
- Compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Home

Do you want a FREE quote CUSTOMIZED for you?

Do you want a FREE quote CUSTOMIZED for you?

What can I improve?

Intrusion alarm

Protect your home with motion sensors and open door / window detectors that will offer you peace of mind and receive notifications in case of intrusion.

Technical alarms

Receive notifications on your SmartPhone every time something occurs in your home: if there is a risk of flooding, smoke or movement in the house.

Security cameras

Visualize and control who enters and leaves your home and what happens at all times.

ECO Mode

Keep all benefits without spending €1 extra.

All off

Make sure to turn off the heat or air conditioning from your SmartPhone when you're not at home.

Zone control

Zoning the heating to save on unnecessary energy saving.


Turn the heat on or off from your SmartPhone from anywhere. Compatible with any heating system: radiators, floor heating or heat pump.

Scene creation

Enjoy pre-programmed scenes or create environments to your liking, for those special moments or day to day. Turn off all lights or close all blinds with a single click.

Forget the keys

Authorize access to your family members, freinds, guests or third parties without worrying about the keys.

Your home in one App

Control your entire home with the Alfred Home App in a simple way for all audiences.

Calculate your budget
Assembly without works in less than 24 hours

An authorized partner takes care of turning your home into a safer, more efficient and comfortable home for you in less than 24 hours.

How can I get it?

Ask for your budget

We will personalize a custom Smart Home perfect for you. Equipped with the best security system.

Schedule the installation

We will send Alfred Smart technical support to install your new Alfred Home.

Download the app

Enjoy controlling your new remote system through our App: Alfred Home.

Do you want a FREE quote CUSTOMIZED for you?

Control your home with your voice

<< Alexa, turn off the lights>>
<< Hey Siri, turn on the heating>>
<<ok google,="" raise="" the="" living="" room="" blinds="">></ok>

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